What's UpDawg?

A Decentralized
Proof of Reserve Token

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What's UpDawg?

A Decentralized Proof of Reserve Token

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What's UpDawg?

A Decentralized Proof-of-Reserve TRC-20 token

UpDawg is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that offers a unique investment opportunity for users. UDAWG token is backed by TRX, one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market, and operates on the TRON blockchain, a public blockchain platform that provides scalability and security for dApps and smart contracts.

Don’t Trust, Verify.

The decentralized nature of UpDawg provides users with greater transparency, security and borderless transactability than traditional centralized finance solutions. Since the protocol operates on TRON blockchain network, all transactions are recorded on a public ledger accessible to anyone, anytime and from anywhere around the world. This eliminates the risk of central points of control or single points of failure, reducing the possibility of hacks or other security breaches.

Secure financial safety net

UpDAWG ensures transparency by allowing users to view internal reserves, ensuring that token values are backed by expected collateral. Reserves can be easily verified via the website or TRON blockchain explorer. All reserves are stored on the blockchain for complete transparency. This provides users with a secure and trustworthy platform to manage their UDAWG tokens.


UpDawg's burning mechanism automatically burns a small portion of each exchange transaction on dawgDEX, reducing the total supply of UpDawg tokens. This helps combat inflation and maintain the value of the tokens over time. In addition to the burning machanism of the UpDawg Protocol, uDawgDAO will 'Buy & Burn' UDAWG tokens from their revenue streams.

Earn while you HODL

UpDawg HODLPool is a unique feature that enables UDAWG token holders to earn a portion of the exchange transaction tax collected by the UpDawg protocol. This mechanism provides an opportunity for users to earn passive income simply by holding their UDAWG tokens in their wallets.

No ICO Launch, pre-sale or pre-mined tokens.

UpDawg launched without any ICO, pre-sale or any pre-mined tokens. The launchpad started on October 1, 2022, and ran for a limited time until October 31, 2022 to establish the initial price of UDAWG token against 1 TRX on TRON mainnet.
UDAWG is now available for trading against TRX on uDawg dapp, JustMoney Swap or SunSwap.


UpDawg's smart contract has a unique feature called Timepot, which allows HODLers to claim rewards whenever their balance is updated, including transactions such as Buy, Sell, Burn, and Transfer. This innovative feature ensures that HODLers are always incentivized and rewarded for holding their tokens.


uDawgBot is designed to deliver read methods, updates and notifications about TRC20 smart contract events directly to Telegram group chats. Additionally, by incorporating bot games, uDawgBot opens up additional monetization opportunities for users, making their experience more interactive and rewarding.

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UpDawg Community Contributors

Opportunity for all you paw-some TRON enthusiasts who go above and beyond in supporting and contributing to the UpDawg ecosystem. Whether you’re barking out helpful advice, organizing engaging events, sharing insightful content, or lending a helping paw to fellow community members, your contributions won’t go unnoticed!

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Getting started

Download TronLink

Install Chrome extension or download the mobile app.


Create secure wallet

Read the instructions carefully to create a TRON wallet.



Get TRX from SunSwap or from exchanges like Binance.



Get some UpDawg

Connect TRON wallet to interact with UpDawg dAPP.

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UpDawg was launched without an initial supply or ICO and is now available for trading against TRX on dawgDEX, a decentralized exchange.

Get Some UpDawg

UpDawg has launched a new feature named “Bark”, which allows users to connect with others in a public chat room anonymously.

UpDawg Bark

UpDawg Team

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